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New Girl S1, E6: “Thanksgiving”

New Girl is really coming into its own, with a nice cosy Thanksgiving episode with a great guest star performance by Justin Long as Paul, Jess’ holiday date. It’s kinda cute to see Jess and Paul sing and dance together – it’s hard to believe there is a male equivalent to Jess! But however nice a couple they make, it … Continue reading

New Girl S1, E5: “Cece Crashes”

I’m going to keep this short and simple: tonight’s episode of New Girl was fairly average. The biggest thing in this episode is that we get to know a bit more about Cece, however we had already deduced everything about her from her brief appearances so far. She is Jess’ hot best friend, who is far … Continue reading

New Girl S1, E4: “Naked”

OK so the whole ‘seeing the roommate naked’ concept has been done before, but in this case it didn’t feel tired, maybe its due to series still trying to find its legs, and such story-lines give a certain familiarity to sitcom audiences. The awkwardness of the naked encounter between Jess and Nick was funny, and even though Jess’ apparent immaturity in being unable to say “penis” bordered on annoying, it managed to … Continue reading

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