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The Big Bang Theory S5, E14: “The Beta Test Initiation”

This is the episode that should have been the 100th of The Big Bang Theory; instead it was relegated to episode 101. It was tremendous fun right from the get go, with Sheldon and Amy’s cute (and extremely geeky) online video podcast, “Sheldon Cooper presents: Fun with Flags”. Surrender to fun, everyone! The episode was, however, … Continue reading

The Big Bang Theory S5, E15: “The Friendship Contraction”

Any episode of The Big Bang Theory that explores the intricacies of the infamous “roommate agreement” is guaranteed to draw laughs just from the absurdity of the concept. Last night’s episode was no exception, from the opening “emergency preparedness drill”, to the establishment of “Leonard’s Day”, it was all systems go. Understandably, such an episode was always going to … Continue reading

Modern Family S3, E8: “After the Fire”

We go to “Relaxastan” and back this week, but, ignore the title, as this episode is less about the said fire than I presumed it would be, judging by the teaser synopsis. Nevertheless, it was another solid episode from the Modern Family stable. The first joke was instantaneous: Claire receiving a box of donations that she is rallying for … Continue reading

New Girl S1, E4: “Naked”

OK so the whole ‘seeing the roommate naked’ concept has been done before, but in this case it didn’t feel tired, maybe its due to series still trying to find its legs, and such story-lines give a certain familiarity to sitcom audiences. The awkwardness of the naked encounter between Jess and Nick was funny, and even though Jess’ apparent immaturity in being unable to say “penis” bordered on annoying, it managed to … Continue reading

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