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Two and a Half Men S9, E11: “What A Lovely Landing Strip”

It was the Walden show this episode, with Alan and Jake essentially relegated to a sideshow role. Ironically, Jake still managed to get more screen time than any episode so far this season.

Despite it being Walden-focused, it was a fairly solid episode as he tries to begin a new relationship with Zoey while moving on from Bridget. Apparently, this involved flying to Mexico on a private jet for dinner. There were some funny moments – albeit no laugh out loud jokes – but funny enough to get a few giggles. The whole “borrow a pen” sequence at the episode’s beginning started awkwardly but flattened out to provide a sad reflection on human society. It was followed up by the simple, but effective, line from Walden: “You can always borrow a pen, try to borrow a plane”. I must say, though, that the recurring British accent that Walden was putting on was quite painstaking by episode’s end.

It was good to see Alan and Jake’s background role strengthened by establishing familiarity with the jokes and mannerisms: it truly felt like classic Two and a Half Men when they were on-screen. We even got to catch a glimpse of Rose, where she offers stalking help to Bridget. I’m unsure if this would be a good story-line to pursue, as it feels like they might be dredging the past a bit, but at least they are keeping their options open.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Episode details

  • Original Australian airdate: 14 February 2012 (8:30 pm)
  • Channel: Nine Network
  • Viewers: 695,000 (16th most-watched show for the night)


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