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The Big Bang Theory S5, E12: “The Shiny Trinket Maneuver”

This episode was all about the couples: Sheldon and Amy, and Howard and Bernadette. Sheldon has offended Amy by ignoring her accomplishment of having an article she has written appear on the cover of a noted scientific journal. He was too busy harping on about reaching 100 Twitter followers – obviously equally skillful achievements!

Sheldon resorts to “drinking” when he realises he possibly might not be “boyfriend  material” – shocking! Of course, drinking for Sheldon means drinking virtually in a video game (he even offers Leonard a whiskey, which he had to decline because he was playing Grand Theft Auto later). There were several more Sheldon-isms that provided some laughs: “Maybe she wants a man with a pocket watch” (while shopping for jewellery as a make up to Amy) and we get to see his delightful/creepy “koala face”. A special mention goes to Amy for her reaction to the present: only she would wear a diamond-encrusted tiara with such joy.

Howard helps to hold up the geeky status quo by performing magic as the “Great Howdini” at a kid’s birthday party. Bernadette was great as the assistant, namely because we discover that she doesn’t like kids. One pearler was “Well you’re not getting cake right now, capisce?”. This sets up the Howard-Bernadette conflict in that she doesn’t want to have kids. At least Leonard comforts Howard by assuring that “there’s no guarantee that if you have kids that you’re going to like them” a philosophical approach lifted “right off the dust jacket of his Mum’s last book”.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Episode details

  • Original Australian airdate: 13 February 2012 (7:30 pm)
  • Channel: Nine Network
  • Viewers: 1.347 million (5th most-watched show for the night)


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