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New Girl S1, E4: “Naked”

OK so the whole ‘seeing the roommate naked’ concept has been done before, but in this case it didn’t feel tired, maybe its due to series still trying to find its legs, and such story-lines give a certain familiarity to sitcom audiences.

The awkwardness of the naked encounter between Jess and Nick was funny, and even though Jess’ apparent immaturity in being unable to say “penis” bordered on annoying, it managed to resolve itself with a touching moment by episode’s end. And although Jess’ use of the phrase was corny, I must admit that I still sniggered. I  did like Nick freely dancing in his bedroom naked to the blare of reggae music (how many guys are willing to admit they share the same guilty pleasure?).

There was also the moment when Jess confesses that she “missed the moment when everybody got cool about sex”, signalling a desire to remain innocent, something that I  – and many people – could relate to: the fear of “growing up” if you will.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Winston sub-plot in his quest to research everything pop-culture related of the past two years while he was holed up in Latvia playing basketball. It certainly got me thinking how you could survive that long without internet access in this day and age. This provided several golden moments, with the line “I know Word, open a document, save, save as… print preview” in response to his bewilderment at some job interview small-talk relating to Jwoww, Lady Gaga and Twitter. There was also an excellent contrast provided between The King’s Speech and The Human Centipede, as Winston attempt to watch both at once.

Schmidt’s story-line was reduced to him trying to catch a look at Nick’s penis, since everyone else had now seen it. It goes without saying that this was a shallow plot, but certainly provided some “filler” moments of silly, and weirdly relatable, humour. I mean, what guy wouldn’t be terrified of another man looking over your toilet cubicle?

4 out of 5 stars

Episode details

  • Original Australian airdate: 12 February 2012 (8:00 pm)
  • Channel: Network Ten
  • Viewers: 1.162 million (3rd most-watched show for the night)


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