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2 Broke Girls S1, E3: “And Strokes of Goodwill”

This will be more of a brief observational commentary rather than a fully fledged review. In short, I actually (kinda) enjoyed last night’s episode of 2 Broke Girls — I feel like it could be slowly building into something sustainable. It’s turning into exactly like I hoped, an non-thinking comedy that somehow manages to draw a laugh or two … Continue reading

The Big Bang Theory S5, E14: “The Beta Test Initiation”

This is the episode that should have been the 100th of The Big Bang Theory; instead it was relegated to episode 101. It was tremendous fun right from the get go, with Sheldon and Amy’s cute (and extremely geeky) online video podcast, “Sheldon Cooper presents: Fun with Flags”. Surrender to fun, everyone! The episode was, however, … Continue reading

New Girl S1, E6: “Thanksgiving”

New Girl is really coming into its own, with a nice cosy Thanksgiving episode with a great guest star performance by Justin Long as Paul, Jess’ holiday date. It’s kinda cute to see Jess and Paul sing and dance together – it’s hard to believe there is a male equivalent to Jess! But however nice a couple they make, it … Continue reading

Modern Family S3, E9: “Punkin Chunkin”

Tonight’s episode of Modern Family was g-r-e-a-a-a-t…. just not great. It was really more a sentimental episode than just plain funny, but that’s OK, because by now we know that some of the best episode’s involve the big family moments. It took Thanksgiving to get the whole family back together, and the theme of the night … Continue reading

Two and a Half Men S9, E12: “One False Move, Zimbabwe!”

We have hit the low point of a very average season of Two and a Half Men. This episode was unfunny, unrealistic and just plain bad. It’s hard to imagine a chance of a good episode when the main scenario revolved around Walden learning that his “brother” was a gorilla. I think that the rest of this plot is best left alone. It … Continue reading

Two and a Half Men S9, E11: “What A Lovely Landing Strip”

It was the Walden show this episode, with Alan and Jake essentially relegated to a sideshow role. Ironically, Jake still managed to get more screen time than any episode so far this season. Despite it being Walden-focused, it was a fairly solid episode as he tries to begin a new relationship with Zoey while moving … Continue reading

2 Broke Girls S1, E2: “And the Break-up Scene”

Unfortunately the second episode of 2 Broke Girls wasn’t an improvement on the first. While the first episode set up the premise through a lot of forced jokes, it was good enough to give it the benefit of the doubt. Tonight there were sexual references abound – albeit no clever ones – and the writers’ even … Continue reading

The Big Bang Theory S5, E15: “The Friendship Contraction”

Any episode of The Big Bang Theory that explores the intricacies of the infamous “roommate agreement” is guaranteed to draw laughs just from the absurdity of the concept. Last night’s episode was no exception, from the opening “emergency preparedness drill”, to the establishment of “Leonard’s Day”, it was all systems go. Understandably, such an episode was always going to … Continue reading

The Big Bang Theory S5, E13: “The Recombination Hypothesis”

As the 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory this episode fell way below expectations. It simply did not feel a good enough episode to mark the occasion. There was really only one story-line involving Leonard and Penny – and nothing even eventuated. OK, so it was blatantly obvious that “The Big Bang Wedding” that we had been bombarded with … Continue reading

The Big Bang Theory S5, E12: “The Shiny Trinket Maneuver”

This episode was all about the couples: Sheldon and Amy, and Howard and Bernadette. Sheldon has offended Amy by ignoring her accomplishment of having an article she has written appear on the cover of a noted scientific journal. He was too busy harping on about reaching 100 Twitter followers – obviously equally skillful achievements! Sheldon resorts to “drinking” when he realises he possibly might not be “boyfriend  material” – shocking! … Continue reading

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